PRAMIZ Ltd. business activities range over development and production of Powder metallurgic magnetic materials and products, mostly ALNICO magnets , oxide barium isotope magnets, magnetic systems magnet - magnetic core, magnetic soft materials and products from FeNi, FeSiP, magnetic dielectric components, designed for work in inconstant magnetic fields.

PRAMIZ designs and produces equipment for powder metallurgic products including methods and installations for magnetization and control of magnets. The company realizes a large scale of consulting activities in the field of magnetic materials, powder metallurgy and metallography based on the big professional experience of its specialists.

PRAMIZ Ltd. is a powder-metallurgic export oriented company established in 1991. Till now the quantity of our realized production per year has reached 15 tones magnets and 40 tons magnet systems of the kind magnet - magnetic core.

Our products fulfill the main international standards DIN and ISO. They find an application in different electrical appliances and electrical measurement devises produced in Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, South Africa and Baltic republics.