The magnet bearing PRAMSYS L3 is designed for mono-phase and three-phase electromechanical watt-hour meters. It carries out the bearing of the rotor of the watt-hour meter, taking the axial exertion of its weight.

The devise and the working of the bearing allow achieving of extremely low friction coefficient during the rotation of the rotor.

PRAMSYS L3 is a closed type bearing with elements enclosed from outside influences, dust and ferromagnetic particles. It is easy to install and dismantle this bearing even with no need of any change in the configuration of the other components of the watt-hour meter. There are no specific requirements for transport and storage of the bearing. This bearing has one very important quality: in most of the cases it can be installed at the place of the double-stoned bearing /2 jewery bearing/ with no other changes in the construction of the watt-hour meter. In such a way we not only improve the technical performance of the electrometer but it also becomes compatible with the standards requiring magnetic installation of the rotor.

The main elements of PRAMSYS L3 are:

(1) Two oxide magnets, magnetized in a way that brings the beginning of the of repulsive power between them;
(2) Bearer of the lower magnet;
(3) Barcet axle is fixing the axle position of the magnets;
(4) Thermocompensating magnetic element - compensating the temperature variations in the "power" of the magnets in such a way to keep the distance between them unchanged.
(5) Porter of the upper magnet. The material of which this element is made is with a very low friction coefficient against the surface of the Barset axle. That's why with a well balanced rotor and leveled electrometer, the embedding practically remains only on magnetic installation and the friction in the bearing becomes zero;
(6) Protective metal corpus;
(8) Element with thread and (7) lock-nut for installation of the bearing to the frame of the electrometer;
(9)Axle of the rotor;

According to the needs of the client (about the tag of the axle of the rotor and the frame of the electrometer), the porter of the upper magnet (5) can be made in the following versions:
- cone-shaped /A version/;
- cylinder outlet /B version/ for example 2mm;
- cylinder /C version/ for example 2mm;

The element (8) can be with or without thread as requested from the client.

In order to be a hundred percent useful for our clients, we need the following information: - the type of the electrometer (mono-or three-phased, technical characteristics and demands to the electrometer); - the weight of the rotor; the shape and the size of the tag of the axle of the rotor; the way of embedding the bearing to the frame; - the quantity needed and etc.

It is preferable to send us a sample of your electrometer and we will choose the best fitting bearing and we will make complete tests with it.

Having this information we can answer all your questions about prices, terms of delivery and etc.