P R A M S Y S B 2

PRAMSYSB2 is a system consisting of permanent magnets a soft magnetic component. It is used as a magnetic brake for electromechanical industrial and household watt-hour meters. The magnetic field generated in the gap between the magnets and the soft magnetic part of PRAMSYSB2 applies a braking moment upon the spinning metal disk of the watt-hour meter.

PRAMSYSB2 is a representative of the wide range of magnetic components PRAMSYS, manufactured using a method developed by PRAMIZ Company. The most typical feature for this technology is the possibility of building the system permanents-soft magnetic parts via the mechanical assembly of parts manufactured by powder metallurgy. The resulting package is a product of the highest quality and reliability assuring many years of defect-free performance.

PRAMSYSB2 consists of the following parts: (1) soft magnetic material; (2) two ALNICO type permanent magnets; (3) temperature compensating ribbon (thermocompensator). The latter is the temperature sensitive magnetic "shunt" which compensates for the effect of the variations of the ambient temperature range ( The ALNICO type magnets have a low coefficient of the temperature changes - 0.02%/).

The figure shows main dimensions and the standard magnetization method of PRAMSYS B2.

A fundamental parameter of PRAMSYS B2 is the magnetic flux in the air gap through the cross-sectional area of each magnet. It can be from 10 up to 30 microWebers, according to client's requirements.

PRAMSYS B2 is offered in following conditions: (1) not magnetized; (2) magnetized and (3) magnetized and stabilized at a fixed value of the magnetic flux, for example between 20 and 21Wb.

Color - according customer specifications.